let me teach you how to re-program your mind for success

This 6 week course will literally change how you take on the world from playing small to playing big.


For we all play small at times. I see it time and time again with the different women in my life, both personally and professionally.

We don’t want to rock the boat or put ourselves in the firing line but equally we deserve to function as the best possible version of ourselves.

It’s a very fine balance and often we lose out.

We lose out to our competitors because we judge ourselves against them and come out lacking or we lose out to the other competing priorities in our lives because we’re always at the bottom of the list.

Over the last 2 years my business has changed dramatically as I have come to realise that what makes the difference to whether someone is surviving or thriving for every single woman in business is their mindset and how mentally fit they are to take on challenges and work towards their own version of success.






















A bit about me.

I'm an ex people pleaser, tea and wine loving girl from Suffolk with 

a background in business, a business masters but on the flip side I did a history degree and I can spin a great story. I'm also a qualifed Coach from Birkbeck and a certified mental fitness coach. 

I have helped clients with the following​: 

  • strategy, vision and purpose

  • work/life balance problems 

  • feelings of 'stuckness'

  • lack of confidence

  • promotions, payrises and difficult conversations at work

  • imposter syndrome and fear of 'not being enough'

  • Fear of calling yourself an expert despite the fact you really are!

  • wanting to be heard and dreaming big​

These were all achieved through becoming mentally stronger. You see your brain believes whatever you tell it. You tell it negative things, it believes them and a viscious circle starts. Fortunately for us though, the opposite is also true.

People who have worked with me say: 

You told me to believe in my own worth. You taught me how to do that. I will forever be grateful for you for that. I’ve been told to believe in myself by so many people over the years but I didn’t believe them and I never understood how I could do it without becoming arrogant! - SC, Essex. 

Philippa is a very engaging coach who is clearly focused on getting results. Her flexible approach means she can guide from a strategic and tactical level.  She really uncovers the blocks that hold us back and then helps you chart a course through it. As a result of her coaching I achieved all the goals I set! Highly recommended. - JB, Hertfordshire


Philippa has been my business coach for a few months now and her motivational attitude, combined with her practical advice have been really useful to me and my business. She is clearly very experienced and always comes up with good ideas and things for me to think about at our monthly meetings. I love the fact that she encourages me to think without limitations, and helps me to plan how I can get where I want to be with my business. - KG, Hertfordshire

I'm so excited to share this course that I have been working on with you. 

During lockdown I have developed a 6 week course that starts on Monday 5th October to help women in business become mentally fitter.


Every Monday at 7.30 there will be a live session via zoom for an hour for the duration of the course to really dig deep into how you can control your mind in order to thrive. 


This will cover the following:

1)Self care and time management

2)Quietening the inner critic

3)Judgement and boundaries

4)Confidence and motivation

5)Owning your authenticity and finding your voice

Each session will come with a work book for you to record your own personal journey towards mental fitness. 


This also includes a personal questionnaire at the start and review at the end to measure how far you've come. 

I'm so excited to share this with you as you will get my 1:1 focus and personal attention but in a safe and friendly group. 


It will also give you the tools and knowledge to take back control of your time, your focus and your productivity.


I want to make it as accessible to as many people as possible and am running this as a beta version at £99.

Complete access to me and help to improve your confidence, motivation and much more, it's a complete no brainer. 

Email info@outsideperspective.co.uk to reserve your space and for more information.