What exactly is mental fitness coaching?

You don't know what you're looking for but you know that you're ready to take back control of your life and enough is finally enough.

You're lacking self confidence and afraid to speak up. You fear that people are judging you (especially online). 

These are all things that can be improved by mental fitness coaching. 

I work with my clients to get them to define their version of success whether that be a promotion at work, regular new clients or just a feeling of confidence and motivation. 

Mental fitness coaching looks at the internal capacities that we have such as courage, proactivity and self-awareness as well as external factors that include growth, engagement and motivation. 

I work with my clients to improve these factors using a mental fitness self assessment as a starting point. 

I help them find a voice. I help them step up to take on challenges and promotions. I help them be the best version of themselves that they want to be. 

Keen to find out more....get in touch. 

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