GPS Session

Ready to get direction, clarity and a crystal clear plan to take your business forward into 2022?

When you started your business, it was going to be so much more simpler and straight forward than your 9-5 but with everything that’s happened this year, well, it all just seems to be a little bit out of whack. A little bit disorientated. 

You’ve pushed on. You’ve pushed through and now it’s time to take stock as it’s all just getting harder than it needs to be. 

I see this time and time again where amazing women are pushing on in their business but without an idea of what they’re actually working towards with no clear plan of how they’re going to move forward. 


Not you though. You’re way smarter than that

You realise that this isn’t working and it’s time

to stop and take a different path. 

Even better, Imagine if you knew exactly

what it was you were working towards. 

You had an incredible version of your future with a business that

110% supported you. 

Taking you into 2022 with excitement, possibility

and the energy to recharge your business goals and

get the growth that you desire.


Introducing the GPS session. 




An incredible 60 minute session where you get me looking into your business alongside you and using my years of experience, proven systems and insights to make something unique for you that will give you the much needed push to take your business forward. 

This session will include: 


  • Deep dive into your vision, even if you don’t know what this currently is. We’ll work through it together to get to a clear point. 

  • Clear actionable goals for both the year ahead with a specific focus on the next 90 days. We’ll drill down into detail with these 90 days so you can focus on what’s really important. 

  • If there are any blocks we’ll examine these in more detail to find a strategic way through

You will come away with: 

  • Clarity around your vision and goals

  • A document following the session with your 90 day plan included

  • Most importantly, peace of mind and a restored belief in your abilities. 

This is for you if you want to get really clear on the direction you’re going in. If you’re not clear on this, your everyday working life can feel really hard as you don’t know what you’re actually working towards.

What are you waiting for?

GPS session - £197 including VAT