Success path transfromation package: 12 weeks to a mentally fitter you:


  • I use the specially designed mental fitness assessment from Cognomie at the start of every fitter mind program. This allows me to assess exactly which areas we need to work and focus on together to help you achieve your version of success. 

  • This might be your internal capacities such as courage, perspective or pro-activity or how you engage with your external environment around things like passion, growth and fulfilment. Underpinning this all are the 12 foundations of mental fitness which include personal impact, happiness, confidence, stress, sleep and motivation. 

  • We use the results to do a deep dive into what your version of success is and over the next 12 weeks, I use coaching techniques to help make you mentally stronger.  This involves recognising the patterns that create difficult emotions and negativity and providing a personalised tool kit that will help you rewire these patterns. 

  • Over the course of the 12 weeks, you wil work towards your own version of success with less stress and anxiety. 

  • The program includes unlimited support throughout via messenger or whatsapp and is perfect for anyone who wants to completely transform their lives and become mentally stronger. 

  • This package starts from £1997 and payment plans are available