Me, my approach and the outside perspective

I support my clients with their coaching needs. This might be help

figuring out a specific problem at work right the way through to

supporting you with transformational change in your business.

I help you get from a place of uncertainty and overwhelm to one

of focus, motivation and confidence, with support and actions

along the way. 

My approach to coaching recognises that we are all different. I carry out different types of coaching dependent upon my clients needs. 


I have helped clients with the following​: 

  • strategy, vision and purpose

  • work/life balance problems 

  • feelings of 'stuckness'

  • change, both structural and personal, 

  • promotions, payrises and difficult conversations at work

  • imposter syndrome and fear of 'not being enough'

  • confidence and motivation

  • wanting to be heard and dreaming big


Our coaching sessions will help you and your work life be more about what you want and less about what others want. I will help you confidently grow. 

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Tel: 07590 602 924​

Hertfordshire and London

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