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Hertfordshire and London

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Me, my approach and the outside perspective

My approach to coaching recognises that we are all different. I carry out different types of coaching from goal oriented coaching through to psychodynamic coaching depending upon what you need. My favourite type of coaching is coaching whilst walking for your mental and physical health. As individuals, we all need a unique approach and perspective.


I help clients with the following​

  • career transitions

  • work/life balance problems 

  • feelings of 'stuckness'

  • change, both structural and personal, 

  • promotions 

  • overall business coaching. 

How am I qualified to do this?

My last role was as Head of Governance and Strategy for Europe for a FTSE 100 in the City. I have an MSc In Business from UEA and a Post Graduate Certificate in coaching from Birkbeck University. Most importantly I love what I do and see the difference it makes to my clients.


Our coaching sessions will help you and your business becoming healthier and grow.