Me, my approach and the outside perspective

My approach to coaching recognises that we are all different. 


So whilst the approach is different, my packages all start with the

completion of  the mental fitness assessment to help me be as

focused upon your needs as possible. 

I have seen it time and time again and the thing that holds women back are our own self limiting beliefs and fears. 

One of the reasons why i also recognise this is because I have done years of work around developing my own mental fitness and have condensed this into the perfect package that helps my clients. 

Let me tell  you a bit more about me. I'm Philippa. I'm a classic people pleasing, tea and wine loving, banana phobic, rural Suffolk girl who has been fascinated by the brain and it's ability to handle difficult situations since my late teens. 

There are so many nuances to how it functions and the intricacies of how it shapes us as human beings are so profound. For example, did you know that the brains of introverts and extroverts are measurably different? MRIs reveal that the dopamine reward network is more active in the brains of extroverts while introverts' brains have more gray matter. 

We have the unique power to control our own brains though. 

Life is a series of choices and decisions. Our thoughts influence our emotions which influence our behaviour. Put like that it sounds so simple. It isn't but that's where my approach works. 

I have a background in business, a business masters but on the flip side I did a history degree and I can spin a great story. I'm also a qualifed Coach from Birkbeck and a certified mental fitness coach. 

I have helped clients with the following​: 

  • strategy, vision and purpose

  • work/life balance problems 

  • feelings of 'stuckness'

  • change, both structural and personal, 

  • promotions, payrises and difficult conversations at work

  • imposter syndrome and fear of 'not being enough'

  • confidence and motivation

  • wanting to be heard and dreaming big

These were all achieved through becoming mentally stronger. You see your brain believes whatever you tell it. You tell it negative things, it believes them and a viscious circle starts. Fotunately for us though, the opposite is also true. By developing mental fitness and using our mental abilities to their fullest extent, we look out for opportunities and make the most of everything that comes our way. 


Our coaching sessions will help you and your work life be more about what you want and less about what others want. I will help you confidently grow.