A few ways to build resilience

I have this idea that if I lived in the USA, I would be a massive country and western fan. I am not but if I lived there, I would be line dancing every week and singing along to heartbreaking country tearjerkers at every opportunity. I have absolutely no idea where this notion comes from but I love it. Fate had other plans though and I live here not in the US and therefore not a lot of line dancing happens.

For many, the idea of fate is something that they live by. Those who believe that that romantic encounter or a new job opportunity is a sign from a higher being. For others, especially as we experience change and periods of uncertainty, having something a bit more concrete to fall back on is essential.

To be truly resilient in periods of change, especially in business, is a large part down to controlling what we can. Controlling our mind set to one of growth and adaptability and controlling the situations that we’re in through assessing risk, preparing for every eventuality and rising to the challenge. Perhaps most importantly though, it’s actually about knowing what we can’t control and therefore letting that go.

The messages that we tell ourselves back this up. I can do this, I’m not nervous about seeing that client, I know I can face this committee. Resilience starts from what is within us and how we control our emotions and actions. What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? If it's something negative, why are you putting yourself down? By being supportive to our own cause and telling ourselves that we can do something is just the first step towards building resilience. Country dancing aside, fate plays no part in this.

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