A little way to make your soul a happier place

What is it that makes you feel less on the outside of life and makes your soul a happier place to be?

For me, I love walking or running, just using my limbs to get me places and moving around in the open air makes me happy. For that reason also, I LOVE to dance. I love doing moves that make me smile (and perhaps makes others laugh at me!) but the cheesier the better.


We all have two sides to our self. The self-limiting side, the side that jumps in at every opportunity if possible to prod and scream 'what makes you think you can do this'? For many, this side takes up too much space. Then there's the other side, the self-loving side, the side that makes me dance like crazy, the side that believes you should and can be happy and you can achieve.

You need to make this side big. You need for this side to take up as much space in your soul as you can.

Nurture this side, make it large and fulfilled. If you sat down and wrote on a piece of paper your 5 top favourite things to do and then think about how often you do these things, would your answer be not enough?

So sit down and make a list and look at that list. Look at your list again. Is there anything on there that is non-time heavy, that takes less than half an hour? If there is, use it and use it as often as you can. Doing the things that we love to do is so important. To keep our soul friend happy, we have to be in the moment which stops the self limiting side taking up space and self doubt to set in.

The best way to do this is to make time for it. Put it in your diary and prioritise it.

Don't ignore it. Put the list somewhere you will see it every day. It won't be as often but make time for the bigger things on your list too. You will remember the experiences that you have in life, the times when you were truly happy and fulfilled not that strong presentation or work commitment.

Make the happy soul side as big as you can.

The larger it is, the less space there is for anything else.

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