How do you cope with stress?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

In the last few months, I have stopped reading the papers at the weekend.

I love doing this and we have still bought them but I have found that I have just not got around to reading them and they’ve sat on the side in the kitchen. This has always been one of my biggest pleasures so it has really made me question how I’m spending my time and why this has happened in the first place.

I think since I have had my own business, I’ve been really focused on social media to ‘promote my brand’ and every spare moment has been spent thinking about this (or my children or the new house we’ve moved into….). When does the treadmill stop and life start again?

My ability to cope with the stresses of the everyday is at its maximum capacity at the moment. Having said that, I think many people that read this will relate to the idea that the stresses of life have taken over and feel that they’ve stopped recently doing some of the things that they love, probably without even realising it.

We could probably all do with a rethink of what our priorities should be in life. Does it really matter what’s happening in the social media world as we really know that much of the content is for the camera or for show anyway? Shouldn’t we be focusing more on the things that make us happy? Whether that be reading the papers at the weekend or just taking a moment to breathe and reflect upon our hectic lives.

We should take everything that gives us pleasure and ensure that we maximise this for all it's worth.

My business will still be my business come the morning but how much more satisfied will I be if I’ve just sat and taken some time to myself to reflect and find out what’s going on in the world?

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