How to be an astronaut

Did you know that Astronaut literally means star sailor?

My eldest son has to do a talk to his class every term about a topic that he is covering at school.

This term their topic is space and Jacob decided to do his on these star sailors. I love the image this conjures as it’s so visual.

We googled ‘what does it take to become an astronaut’. The National Careers Service provided the best or worst job description in the world depending on how you look at it.

Apparently being an astronaut might occasionally require you to work at weekends and may take you away from home. Typical hours a week are between 39 - 41. These are variable. It is indeed difficult to come home at weekends and work shorter hours if you’re in space.

In reality, It is not the job description that encourages people to become an astronaut, it is the dream. The dream that you can literally explore something that is outside this world. It is the individual’s desire and belief to experience something completely different like weightlessness that drives them and has nothing to do with the job description.

Work and life are never as simple as a job description. If we all just stuck to this nothing extraordinary would ever get done as the exciting things that we do, the thinking outside of the box and challenging ourselves are never so simple that it can just be put into words.

We are all more than just a job description. We are never just black and white or easily described on a piece of paper. This year I have had the pleasure to work with so many people who have taken that job description and thrown it out of the window. Their belief for what they do is immense. Thank you for allowing me to share your dreams and think without limitations.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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