How to dream beyond the imaginable

Gary Keller in his book ‘The 1 thing’ talks about the possibility of thinking big. ‘Big is a placeholder for what you might call a leap of’s about bold ideas that might threaten your comfort zones but simultaneously reflect your greatest opportunities. Believing in big frees you to ask different questions, follow different paths and try new things’.

This is a great book and one which I would highly recommend. There is a serious message behind this though. As women, our innate ability to think small limits us on a daily basis. How often do you hear yourself saying ‘oh no, I couldn’t do that, what happens if…..’ We don’t allow ourselves the possibility of dreaming outside the box or beyond that glass ceiling because of ‘what if’s’ and our own fear of failure.

What if this fear was stripped away though? What would happen if we ignored our self limiting beliefs and just went for it, if we properly dreamed big?

The idea of a life without limitations is definitely out there and believing in yourself is the first step to creating this. This may be easier said than done I can hear you thinking but if we only dream in the realms of what we know we can do and don’t push ourselves to the outer limits of what we believe might be possible without boundaries, we will never get there.

Firstly, you need to visualise this. What would your life look like if there were no boundaries, if you genuinely could achieve anything you set your mind to? How do you feel in this picture? Can you imagine it? This is a fantastic way of figuring out what’s genuinely important to you. What are you like in this world? How do you act?

Secondly, you need to use this version of yourself when you’re feeling unsure. Ask your future self ( the one who seems to have it all together and knows what she’s doing) - what should I do in this situation? How would you react?

Imagining there are no boundaries also allows you to think longer term. You’re not so time sensitive so your ideas are bigger, more far-ranging and meaningful. If you can imagine the far off future, what would you need to do now or in the next year to start that journey? Break this up and you have some instant goals to start working towards.

Lastly, failure will happen and if you’re prepared for this, it’s okay. By stretching what we’re capable of, we’re bound to fail at some point. It’s how we react to this that’s important. Seeing failure as a step in the journey and something to learn from and not the end of the journey is essential. Take the failure and see it as part of the process of dreaming to your limits.

What do you think you can achieve if there were no boundaries? I’d love to know so please do get in touch.

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