How to dream big

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Over the Easter break, I went to catch some crabs with my children in a town called Orford in Suffolk near where I grew up. Crabbing is a serious business in my family and one that calls for highly competitive behaviour, especially from the small people. My eldest son was convinced that he was going to catch 300 crabs in the space of an hour. I love his ambition. We caught between us just over 50 (including a crab called King which bit him) but nothing like 300. As we left he said ‘next time’.

Children have an immense capacity for dreaming big. They believe that they can do anything especially when they’re told that they can by the adults around them. When do we stop thinking that anything is possible and begin to just settle? Perhaps we need to begin to dream again.

In order to dream big, we need to start small. People who are doing the marathon this weekend would not have just got up and run the whole thing straight off. They would have done small runs that became longer. So with your dreams, look at them and break them up into separate steps. One run at a time. Sometimes a dream is too big but this is definitely more achievable.

To help with this, see how far you’ve come in pursuing your dreams and track your progress. So many runners will have a training plan for the marathon. How good will it feel when they can cross their longest training run off? Make a training plan for your dream and track each stage.

Give yourself the confidence by getting the support from those around you. People that allow you to dream by saying yes, you can do it. We support our children with their aspirations so get someone to do this for you. When you have moments of doubt, someone else needs to believe instead of you and encourage you to get back on track.

Lastly our dreams change over time and it takes a big grown up person to recognise this and accept it. Initially we may have wanted that big promotion but now we just want to change jobs completely and go it alone. Both of these dreams are great but only follow the one that you truly want and don’t follow someone else’s.

Many of us have a bucket list, perhaps it’s time to start ticking some of that stuff off. Maybe next time I’ll catch 300 crabs….I can but dream.

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