How to love your business

There’s a saying that goes ‘do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your whole life’. I’m sorry but I completely disagree with this statement. Work is like any serious relationship, sometimes you can’t get enough of it and want to be around it constantly whilst at other times, you can’t stand the sight of it and just wish that once in a while they weren’t so messy, stressful or genuinely irritating.

So how can we have more of the good times at work and less of the arguments over who’s doing the washing up?

If you’re working towards your dream business or career and have a clear plan about how you’re going to get there, aren’t you far more likely to say, ‘Now, I love what I do’. We are only able to achieve what we can imagine so once in a while it’s nice to have the luxury to imagine more than what we perceive is achievable. This in turn allows us to achieve that bit more.

When was the last time you thought about what your ideal business would look like? If you’ve done this then you can say ‘if my dream business looks like this, what do I need to do now in order to start working towards this version of my business.

It is definitely worthwhile thinking about this for unless you write this stuff down, you’re not allowing your brain to believe that it can happen.

If you start to plan for it now and then actually take action and do something about it, do you think you have far more chance of success? Do you think your dream business will become a reality much quicker and you’ll be more focused if you have an actual plan of how you’re going to get to this desired state. That’s where the fun part begins.

If you’re designing your ideal company or job and let’s face it, why shouldn’t you if you’re going to be in love with it, it has to be fun and work for you.

For all the tasks that you do at the moment, ask yourself, is this working towards my dream business? Some ideas around this are:

Clients - do you know which ones you really enjoy working with? Do you know which ones are going to either bring in more revenue or make your day go easier. Actively market for these people. Hang out where they are either virtually or in reality. Exceed these clients expectation and they’ll recommend other clients just like them.

Sales and marketing - what’s working, what isn’t working. Are you measuring this? It sounds simple but if something really isn’t working, do you have to do it?

Time - how do you manage your time so you don’t feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Are you doing this or does something need to change? Do you need to look at outsourcing certain tasks that you don’t love? What systems and processes do you have and how are they being managed? What goals are you setting and how can you make these fun? If you have a task you have to do but really don’t love, set yourself a reward once it’s done or find something in the task that will motivate you to work

Imagine how much more in love you could be with your business if you really focused on doing the things that led you to your dream business? Every time you fall out of love with work, think of that dream and the things that you can do once you achieve it. You’ll never want to do the things that you don’t like doing so don’t listen to your feelings, focus on what you want. Focus on that end goal.

Come and have a chat with me if you’d like to find out how I can help you build a business or career that you love.

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