How well do you cope with stress?

Imagine you pour all your stress into a bucket. Mental Health First Aid England call this your stress bucket.

Every time you have a tight deadline or you feel you’re not a good parent as you have to stay late again, that bucket gets fuller and fuller. There is every danger that the bucket will get too full, that the stress will begin dripping over the sides and start making a very sloppy mess.

How you cope with that stress is a tap on the side of the bucket. Find ways to turn that tap so the stress can flow out. This may be making sure you exercise and take time for yourself. Breath deeply or learn a new skill but most importantly don’t bottle things up. You need to talk to people about how you’re feeling. Find someone and make them your safe container of your worries.

Don’t do these things and the tap gets rusty. It then can’t turn, stops working and the stress stops being released, ready to overflow the sides of the bucket.

Take care of yourself, don’t let your stress bucket get too full.

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