Live your work life don't just work it

Today for thanksgiving there are many messages of thanks going around. To add to the list, the things I am really thankful for are: PG Tips (no other tea will do I’m afraid), my dog, cool blue doritos, white wine, running in a slight drizzle when it’s not too cold but mostly my wonderful family. Children can teach you so many things, not least don’t have haribos just before bedtime and sellotaping your legs together (at any time) is never a good idea but mostly they teach you about choices.

I get bored of saying to them ‘you can choose to do it this way (my way) or have no TV this evening. You decide’. Most of the time they pick the first option but how do we always know which is the best choice to make?

One rule to try and follow is to live your work life don’t just work your work life. By this I mean really engage with your priorities for that day and look at each one individually to see how you could do it slightly differently to cause a different, hopefully improved, outcome. Be brave and choose the challenge. Choosing to change how things have always been done is not easy. If we feel we have truly tried at something and covered every angle. Not just tried but tried our best, then we have lived that day and it's oh so satisfying. Live your work life don’t just work it.

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