The brains natural way to make sense of the world (or why you need to decide now)

Until we stop making excuses as to why we can’t do anything, we will carry on holding ourselves back by irrational thoughts based upon the past.

Make the decision then act and figure out a way. Don’t wait until ‘the right time’. When in your life has there ever been the ‘right’ time when it comes to making big changes?

Never. You just have to believe that you can and whatever happens, you’re going to be ok.

Why is this so hard for us to do though? We’re asking our brains to do something it doesn’t want to.

As human beings we crave order and routine. It’s the brain's natural way to make sense of the world around us.

It also allows us to free up valuable working space in our pre-frontal cortex where executive functions like planning and emotional control occur.

We possess a limited pool of mental resources available to us for self control and willpower. This is called Ego depletion and as the day goes on, it gets used up. When we spend that resource on activities that could be made into a routine, we waste energy that could be used on more important tasks.

Routines therefore help conserve energy for what’s important.

A new routine or way of doing something? Nah, say’s our brain. By having an excuse as to why we can’t do something is only postponing any perceived danger to ourselves that that risk may have.

So we don’t change. We stay. We stop ourselves from moving out of our comfort zones. The brain is trying to protect us

The problem with this is that the brain uses information from your subconscious to make this call. That time when you put yourself out there and it didn’t work and someone laughed. That’s the kind of thing it’s remembering as our brain’s plan for the future based upon past experience.

This all comes down to fear.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t use your past to stop you becoming the best version of yourself in the future.

Make the decision to act now and then once you’ve done that, you’ll find a way.

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