Time management - a few time saving tips

Time is the one thing that we can never have enough of. We never own it, at best we only manage it which at certain points in our lives seems impossible. There will never be anyone when a loved one is ill that doesn’t wish that they had had more time with them. But how to manage this on a daily basis when faced with so many different priorities both at home and at work? How do we stop constantly wishing for those extra few hours?

Firstly, be ruthless in prioritising. Think about what is really important to you and what is really urgent. So urgency vs importance. Time management is all about exercising control - I could go on and on about this but look up the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to get some idea of how this can help.

In order to be ruthless with your prioritising in the first place, you need to plan ahead and know your goals - both short and long term. This means goals for the week right through to ‘if I was really flying, where would this work take me or where could I go with this?’ Admittedly this might take some blue sky thinking or talking it through with someone to get clarity such as a coach but you then can prioritise a lot more efficiently.

Take your time - it is your time not someone else's and no two people do things the same way so be conscious of what works for you and what doesn’t. For example, you may find that you concentrate better in the morning than in the afternoon. It sounds very simple but anything that really requires you to concentrate, do it in the morning instead of the afternoon.

Watch what you spend your time on. Use your time wisely and don’t try and do too much. Multitasking with work, whilst sometimes essential, does not always make us more productive. If you can, concentrate on just one thing at any one time and devote everything to it (this also means, switching your phone off or putting it somewhere else so you don’t touch it). It’s amazing how much more efficient we are without social media.

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