What can you achieve this year?

So, 2018 has been and gone but the pressure of a new year is upon us instead. I hear people asking the questions, ‘what will you achieve this year, what do you want to do to be a better version of yourself and where will you be in 3, 6 or even 12 months time?’ I ask these questions to myself as well but this implies that you as you are isn’t good enough. Being you but ‘better’....what does this even mean? We can’t be anything but ourselves so how can we be something different? So for 2019, for me, this is enough and I’m being kinder on myself by saying ‘I am enough as I am’.

We all work really hard at the jobs that we do. Add in caring for family members and other people’s expectations and it sometimes seems like a long old slog where we’re drained by the end of the day. Yes, we all want to achieve more and do more but this doesn’t result in a ‘better’ version of ourselves. By putting less pressure on us as individuals to change who we are, we therefore allow ourselves to take up the space that we already occupy which is much more achievable. We genuinely can’t be a different person but we can appreciate and take care of the person we already are.

Learning to understand what makes us happy and what we should therefore do more of is one thing but we should also understand and stop doing the things that make us unhappy and sad. You are enough as you are. Take the time to get to know yourself this year, what makes you tick, what do you want to do more of and do it. By the end of the year, you’ll feel like you have ‘achieved’. Happy 2019 everyone.

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