What's your plan to make 2019 THE year?

Do you have a plan for your business or career for 2019? I’m not talking, ‘Oh God, it’s New Year’s Eve, I better make a resolution’ type plan, I’m talking ‘by the end of the year I want to have achieved so and so, generated this much new business or be in a position for a promotion'. I personally struggle with a very rigid plan so have learnt to adapt this to fit my own rules. It’s quite simple. As Tony Robbins, the business strategist, has said, ‘stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach’.

How does this work in reality? You need to actually make some decisions in the first place. As individuals we can become bogged down with the day to day ins and outs of what’s going on but sometimes it’s good to take a moment to think about where you want your business or career to be going. So, write down just one priority for your business for 2019. If you can’t trim this down to just one, go with your top three. What are the top things that you want to do next year? Not how you’re going to do it but just what you’d love to happen with your business or job. Now that you’ve written it down, it’s more of a reality so you’re already one step closer.

There is a theory that springs to mind here called expectancy theory and basically it highlights that what you expect to happen often does. Hence the term, self-fulfilling prophecy. So if your priority is something that you think you’d love to happen but you have lots of doubts and haven’t thought through how it would work, do you think it’s actually going to happen? So the next stage is to look at your priority, go home or sit on the train and mull over your priority. Think about how you are going to achieve it. Treat it like a project. Split it up into tasks to make it seem more manageable and think through how you’re going to make each of these tasks work. Write each one down. Ideally these should be flexible enough that they can cope with changes as and when they occur. Your expectations then will be so much higher and that goal maybe just one step closer.

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