What to do when you feel lost

This photo was taken yesterday morning at 7.30 in North Wales. I had gone out for a run and not considered the fact that it would be freezing cold or that I was in completely the wrong kit. As well as this, I got lost. I stumbled along next to fields and old farm houses, not knowing really where I was but marvelling at how beautiful the frost looked across the valley in the freezing weather. I was caught up in the moment and it felt great.

When was the last time that you got lost in the moment? Or even better; you thought you were lost but instead of panicking, you looked for the opportunity? We can learn the ability to do this with just a little practice.

When we feel in too deep or things aren’t going according to plan, our natural instinct can sometimes be to freeze. Next time this happens, change the angle. You can decide to take a step back and say to yourself, right, where is the opportunity in this? How can I make this a positive? What can I do to turn this around? You can say to yourself ‘I may be lost but let’s see where I can take this’. How you react to a situation, whether positive or negative, is down to you which in turn affects the outcome. How you control the outcome is therefore down to you.

Sometimes you just need to trust in your own abilities to find a way through things and find the right path. However, yesterday morning, it felt wonderful to be lost.

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