What would you regret not having done in 2018?

I love September. For me, it is more about new beginnings than January is. I know this is entirely back to when I was at school with the start of the new school year and most importantly for me, a whole load of new stationery!

It is a really great month to take stock of what you’ve done in the year so far and what you still have to do. I have always struggled with planning too far in advance so a great way to start with this is to ask yourself one simple question, ‘what would I regret not having done in 2018’?

A four month plan is a long time though so break it down into a monthly plan or even better a weekly or daily plan. Planning for the week is far less daunting than a whole month. If this is too much, plan for the day instead. Do it the night before then you know what’s happening the following day which will give you some piece of mind. Whilst you want to put everything into it allow for the fact that you can’t always stick to a plan and things happen as the day progresses.

Another great way to plan is to look at the desired outcome of a task rather than the actions to achieve it. What I mean is write down what the ideal outcome of a project or situation may be, work backwards and break this outcome down into achievable smaller steps that get you to that outcome. That is your to do list and each one can be broken down again if you need to do so.

Don’t leave 2018 with regrets that you didn’t do something. Plan for it now or email me on to see how I can help be your planning sound board. Philippa

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