You know that you have some huge gaps in your business but you're not sure where to start?


When you wake up, all you can think about are all the different things that you should be doing, depending on which expert you’re listening to right now and it just feels heavy. 


You’re distracted - when you’re children talk to you, when you’re trying to focus and actually start some work on your huge to do list. Endless things like funnels, email lists, newsletters, blah 


That sense of frustration as you have no-one to talk to that actually gets you and don’t want to burden the people you’re closest to as they still see you in your old role as employee, not the CEO. 


Although you don’t feel like that right now and you’re certainly not acting like that either. 

You just don’t know where to start or what area needs your focus right now as quite frankly, you feel they all do. 

Stop. Take a breath and let me help



I’m super good at getting to the bottom of what an issue is and finding manageable small steps to take forward. 


Not enough though? No problem. 


Introducing the business audit 


I’m trained to use this by the wonderful Gemma Went (and I’m one of her accountability coaches to boot). 


This thing is immense at spotting gaps in your business and getting you to prioritise the stuff that you actually need to do (rather than doing the stuff you think you should be doing). 


54 data points across the 5 pillars of business - research, strategy, marketing, ops and mindset. 


Each pillar is essential for business growth. 


You don’t know what you don’t know so let me help you figure this out. 


We’ll have a session together and within 48 hours, you’ll receive a report from me highlighting immediate areas of priority, where your gaps are and some really simple steps that you can take to gain traction and clarity. 


As simple as that

£149 including VAT



I’m Philippa, or Phil for short. 

After leaving my 10 + year(time) career in corporate, I discovered first-hand the immense power of the mind. Its incredible capacity for change, adaption, and empowerment. 

Yeah right, I hear you thinking but this is, quite simply, the amazing things that happen when you learn how to make your mind a powerhouse of success attraction for your career. 

Yes, your mind has the power to get you to where you want to go. Yes, you can teach it how. 

My mission is to help you along the way.

The Business Audit

£149 inc. VAT

  • A deep dive into exactly where you're at from a business point of view using my unique knowledge and 54 data points.

  • A fully comprehensive report that will enable you to know where your gaps for growth are and actions that you need to take straight away. .