Your wisdom within: The Essential 3 month coaching program for women with a corporate background.


Reprogram your mind. Attract success. Take charge of shaping the career or business you’re dreaming of.

Welcome to the best time of your professional and personal development.


If you’re honest with yourself, are you truly happy with your professional life as it stands today?

Do you feel an overwhelming sense of passion to get up and get started every morning? Or has some of that faded, and left you in a place you’re not quite sure how to navigate out of?

You’re probably afraid you’ll stay on this course forever; that you’ll ultimately look back at a life you realise isn’t all it could have been.

All you had wanted it to be.

You feel like you’re putting an infinite amount of effort in, and yet the return on that investment doesn’t even come close to breaking even.

Your work-life balance went out the window ages ago. Some of your confidence might have gone out with it. You feel stuck and alone and longing for a roadmap to get you out.

Here’s the beautiful thing about our professional and personal development:

It is completely and utterly within our power. 

You just need to reprogram your mind to help you towards your goals and dreams. Where you have freedom and balance, and where abundant success is the rule, not the exception.

I’m Philippa, or Phil for short. 

After leaving my 10 + year career in corporate, I discovered first-hand the immense power of the mind. Its incredible capacity for change, adaption, and empowerment. 

Yeah right, I hear you thinking but this is, quite simply, the amazing things that happen when you learn how to make your mind a powerhouse of success attraction for your career. 

Yes, your mind has the power to get you to where you want to go. Yes, you can teach it how. 

My mission is to help you along the way.


So, here’s how we’re going to do it. 

3 months. Bespoke business or career strategy.

Infinite career development potential.

Your wisdom within bespoke programme


Bespoke individual and Corporate 1:1 work

You want to find that passion for your work again - you've lost your spark and you feel like you've stagnated within your career because of this. 

You know you deserve to be recognised for the amazing work you do and my wisdom within bespoke 1:1 package recognises this. 

It's all tailored to you.

We start with a mental fitness self assessment that looks at how you're currently taking on the world.

Then we work towards your version of success.

Tackling the day to day challenges of your working lives and our sessions will include (but are not limited to) the following: 

  • Vision, values, giving yourself permission to want more and the time to design the life you desire
  • Quieting the inner critic, imposter syndrome and self awareness  
  • Focus, productivity, time management and designing your ideal day
  • Getting over fear: Fear of failure, fear of not being enough, upper limit problems and fear of success 
  • Boundaries: Breaking down negative ones and building healthy new ones 
  • Confidence, authenticity and finding your own voice

Following the initial deep dive, you will have a session at least every two weeks and access to me via messenger/emails between each session. 

We will create your distinctive future you and work towards achieving your version of success.

Bespoke ex corporate wisdom within 1:1 package: Your strategy and success story

You want direction, you want clarity but most of all you want the knowledge that you left your corporate job full of security for an even better world, one where you're not constantly worrying about where the next client is coming from.  

All ex corporate 1:1 work starts with a business audit and mental fitness self assessment. 

I want to know exactly where we're starting from and what the gaps are. 

Not only do we then focus on the mind set side that holds all small business owners back, over the course of the 3 months we'll look at:

  • Research: so you can be leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors
  • Strategy:  together, we'll come up with a simple yet authentically you plan for your business. This will include your value proposition, your business model, your packaging and pricing and how you're going to go about achieving everything you want. This alone is worth the investment. 
  • Marketing: using an evergreen module so you can begin to attract your dream clients (that want to pay you what you're worth). 
  • Operations: if you want to grow a stonkingly great business, this can't be ignored. 
  • I have mentioned mindset already but we'll do the work that will enable you to face any fears of failure or not being enough in order to really succeed. 

You will have an initial deep dive and then a session at least every two weeks and access to me via messenger/emails between each session. 

We will create your distinctive future you and work towards achieving your version of success for yourself and your business.

Best of all, you get me as your coach and guide. Your sounding board when tough decisions need to be made or for those days when everything just seems too much. 

The wisdom within bespoke 1:1 coaching package


or 3 instalments of £1000

  • Part 1 - The 1:1 Session
  • Part 2 - The Mastermind Sessions
  • Part 3 - Additional Mastermind Sessions & Voxer Access

It’s called Your Success Story because the biggest limitation in your career is yourself.

By giving yourself permission to want more and reach for more, more will inevitably come to you. 

Success in abundance. 

A work-life balance you feel proud of. 

Confidence to speak up and push forward. 

True career happiness.

Ready to go there?