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Hertfordshire and London

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Is this you?

Are you looking for something else? You feel stuck or you're repeating the same old habits and coming up with the same results. Do you want someone or something to help you to grow? Both in your mindset or in your business.  

Coaching with the Outside Perspective will help you to grow. Both in the way you do your work and the way your business works. 

We provide a structured business package that will look at your vision, your strategy and help you to work towards your goals whilst holding you accountable. 

We also offer 1-2-1 sessions on an ad-hoc basis. This would be more suited to you if you have a specific habit you need help with or are going through a rough patch at work. These session will help you to: 

         Activate change

         Grow more confident

         Stop fear from holding you back

         Be held accountable for actions

         Be more resilient in the face of challenge