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Quite often the things that hold us back in business are our own negative thoughts about ourselves and our own self-limiting beliefs. Ask yourself......


Do you have fears about being judged, fears of failure or fears that you’re not good enough?


99% of people that I meet and work with have these self limiting beliefs and habits that hold them back in business. 

Are you fed up with watching others take control of their working lives and stepping up? It can be really hard when we show up every day and do a good job but are then frightened to live the life that we want to while those around you bask in the spotlight and are therefore heard and noticed.

Are you a busy working woman with a demanding life both at home and in the office? On the surface, you're swan like but you're frantically paddling away underneath. You feel that the day isn't long enough to get everything done and something soon is about to start cracking.

I too felt like this and I know how hard it is.

Hi I'm Phil, one of the UK's leading executive and mindset coaches and I help guide you in redefining your own success with confidence


I can help you approach life in a different way through coaching and mentoring. I use mental fitness coaching so that you can put your fears aside and make that leap.

Do you want to approach life in a different way, with a growth mindset and without limiting beliefs leading to your success?

Yes? Then why not book a clarity call. 


My clients have created some magical results for themselves.


Let me help you take action now before the cracks really appear.

The act of getting strong doesn't start in the gym, it starts in your mind. It starts with you.

I can help you approach life in a different way through coaching and mentoring. I use mental fitness coaching so you can put your fears aside and make that leap

Approaching life in a different way, with a growth mindset and without limiting beliefs leads to success.



'I started working with Philippa because I wanted to think about what was next in my career and I didn’t know where to start. She has helped me to do that and so much more. Since working with Philippa, my colleagues have commented on how much more confident I appear.

I have a sense of direction and feel excited about the next stages in my career. Working with Phil has been the best investment I could have made in myself' - Lucinda

'You told me to believe in my own worth. You taught me how to do that. I will forever be
grateful for you for that. I’ve been told to believe in myself by so many people over the years
but I didn’t believe them and I never understood how I could do it without becoming arrogant!' - Tracey


Change can be a really scary thing. Some people embrace it whilst others feel pure dread at the sound of the word. How are you feeling right now?  

Whether you need a change with a job you don't like, are looking for that next step in your career or are struggling with your work life balance, I can help. 


I'm a business coach with a business background. I've been through a lot of change both in my personal life and professionally. Structural change, strategic change, promotions, work life balance issues. I have been there. Just like you. 

Through one to one sessions either inside or outside I can discuss and assist you with your tough choices and decisions of change that you're up against. 


How I help you dream bigger

I support you through a transformation program which helps you to work towards your version of success. The fitter mind program will enable you to get mentally fitter within 12 weeks. Mental fitness is not just about the prevention of mental ill health. It is about strengthening the neural pathways that enable phenomenal change. It is about having a positive sense of how we think, feel and act. 

For me, it is also about the ability of my clients to improve their quality of life on a daily basis where they live a lifestyle of understanding and patience, where they go from surviving to thriving. 

I use this incredible mental fitness assessment formulated by Cognomie, the mental fitness organisation, with all my clients. This is a completely personalised report which allows us to focus on the areas of mental fitness that need our attention. We use this to deep dive into what your version of success is following the report and work from there. 

I get people. I help them to believe in themselves and through these 12 weeks, your belief in yourself will also massively improve.

Sessions will be either face to face or via zoom. We can also do coaching whilst walking - a whole new approach that has enormous benefits for your mental and physical health as well. 

Are you ready to take that leap and make a change with your life. Click on the button below to have a free 30 minute breakthrough call and see how I can help you. ​