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Quite often the things that hold us back in business are our own negative thoughts about ourselves and our own self-limiting beliefs. Do you have fears about being judged, fears of failure or fears that you’re not good enough. 99% of people that I meet and work with have these self limiting beliefs and habits that hold them back in business. 

Are you fed up with watching others take control of their working lives and stepping up? It can be really hard when we show up every day and do a good job but are then frightened to live the life that we want to while those around you bask in the spotlight and are therefore heard and noticed? 

I can help you approach business in a different way through coaching and mentoring. The work that I do looks at the outside aspect of your career so the strategy, planning and organising part but also the inside, so working on helping you develop a growth mindset to enable you to put aside your fears and make that leap.  

I know how hard it is. I worked for years at a FTSE 100 Bank in the City and would go to meetings where I was often the only female and I was expected to talk. Over time I learnt to deal with taking on the challenge and through training have developed a growth mindset. My last role was as Head of Governance and Strategy for Europe and this business background combined with a Masters in Business and a Post Graduate Certificate in coaching means I work with my clients on a sound foundation. 


Approaching business in a different way, with a growth mindset and without limiting beliefs leads to success.

Change can be a really scary thing. Some people embrace it whilst others feel pure dread at the sound of the word. How are you feeling right now?  

Whether you need a change with a job you don't like, are looking for that next step in your career or are struggling with your work life balance, I can help. 


I'm a business coach with a business background. I've been through a lot of change both in my personal life and professionally. Structural change, strategic change, promotions, work life balance issues. I have been there. Just like you. 

Through one to one sessions either inside or outside I can discuss and assist you with your tough choices and decisions of change that you're up against. 


How I Can Help You

Outside Perspective can support you through a transformation program where we work together to enable you to reach your goals and thrive at work. This is a four month program with 2 meetings a month. We start with a strategy and vision session and over the next 4 months, look at planning and working towards your vision using shared organisational tools. During the 4 months the coaching will also include ways to help you change your mindset to one that allows you to grow.


I get people. I help them to believe in themselves and through these 4 months, your belief in yourself will also massively improve.

Sessions will be either face to face or via zoom. We can also do coaching whilst walking - a whole new approach that has enormous benefits for your mental and physical health as well. 

Are you ready to take that leap and make a change with your career. Click on the button below to have a free 30 minute breakthrough call and see how I can help you. 

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