I'm an empathetic coach for ambitious female professionals and it's lovely to meet you. My mission is to help you feel like you can take on anything life throws at you.

Hi there

I'm Phil

Let me fill in the gaps if you're new to me or connected a while ago, let me go beneath the surface level stuff

I'm Suffolk born and bred where apparently a tractor is a family vehicle. I grew up next to the North Sea which I miss everyday.

I'm eternally optimistic (especially where the weather is concerned), empathetic and my secret power is figuring out what other people want out of their lives and work - even when they're not certain about this themselves - and then helping them work towards achieving this.

I was Head, Governance and Strategy, Europe of Standard Chartered Bank. I get plans. I get pressure. I get how if feels to be the only woman in the room.

I left this safe and secure environment to become a qualified coach. I went back to 'school' at Birkbeck for a year - God I felt old.

I wanted to qualify as a coach and use my experience from my corporate strategy role to provide a unique mix of skills to my clients.

I value curiosity and courage and a day without some kind of fun or experiment is a wasted one in my mind.

I bring all this to my work.

I'm a firm believer in trusting my instincts. It's what's got me here today.

Simple peace of mind.

Get results like these

I've been told to believe in myself by so many people over the years but didn't believe them.

You told me to believe and you taught me how. I will forever be grateful of you.

This is a great service and one that I had the pleasure of participating in.

Phil, you're a great coach, insightful, respectful and I absolutely love the impact you've had on my business.

Phil reveals the hidden blocks and resistance which hold me back. The next great thing is a plan to do this! She is a great sounding board and has a wealth of advice and tools around how to approach your business.


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