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Online Group


Wouldn’t it be such a relief to have a group of like minded people, in the same boat as you also working hard in business to communicate and share your worries with? 


January 2020 - my online membership group starts.


Coaching + support + accountability + sanity = one happy and thriving person who no longer thinks they’re a muppet but doing ok. 

Coaching Foundations Package

Your business or career will be supported at the start of your coaching journey. 

This package is like having a business partner to encourage you and help hold you accountable. Carried out over the course of three sessions it allows for business growth and development in the short term.  

Coaching Transformation Package

This is a four month program with 2 meetings a month.

We start with a strategy and vision session and over the next 4 months, look at planning and working towards your vision using shared organisational tools.

During the 4 months the coaching will also include ways to help you change your mindset to one that allows you to grow.