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Hertfordshire and London

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Growth 1-2-1


This is for you if you want to take your job or career to the next level. Our sessions will focus on confidence, embracing change and tackling the fear of failure. 

We will plan and strategise to get you to where you want to be in your working life. This can be part of a talent development program, on-going career  development for high performers or those returning after a career break.  

Small Business Wellness Package

You will be supported in your business throughout the year with reviews, coaching and phone calls to help support you and your business needs. 

This package is like having a business partner to encourage you and help hold you accountable. Carried out over the course of a year, it allows for business growth and development. 

Coaching whilst walking

This is for both your mental and physical health. One of the best ways to cope with stress, walking allows you to connect to your surrounds and allows for a deep and honest coaching session.

Whether in the countryside or during your lunch break in the CIty, these sessions can be done as a one off or as a block of sessions. 

We also offer a half day session + lunch that allows for a complete indepth analysis of your business and you. 

Purpose and growth with purpose