The mind fit strategist

Coaching to fuel your success using the power of your mind and mental fitness.

Are you ready to explore what you can achieve by unveilling your full potential?

What are you filling your head with right now?

Is it the good stuff or the things that could potentially hold you back.

I help my clients to become mentally stronger by harnessing the power of the mind through coaching using my unique evolve framework.

We literally re-program your mind for success.

Just breathe, I've got you.

I'm Phil. Former head, Governance and Strategy for Europe of a FTSE100 Bank.

I spent more than a decade in the corporate space before becoming a strategy guru for women just like me. I get where you've been and the simplicity that you're craving right now.

I get the struggle to traverse the corporate landscape.

I'm eternally optimistic (especially where the weather is concerned), empathetic and my secret power is figuring out what other people want out of their lives - even when they're not certain about this themselves - and then help them get out of their own way to achieve this.

I work with:

Your story - which is your mind

Your state - which is your energy

And help you to use the power of both to become mentally strong.

This needs to make you so excited you can barely breathe.

Why do I care?

I passionately believe we should all bring our best selves to work and the only way we can do this is if we're mentally fit.

We can then show up in our own unique way without any negative or limiting beliefs holding us back. We can show up for the promotions, the pay rises and the the recognition.

I want this for you.


I combine energy work, mind work and mental fitness coaching to create a lightning bolt to your success

My signature program is like a mind expanding experiment for you.

I value curiosity and courage and a day without some kind of fun or experiment is a

wasted one in my mind.

Are you ready to go all in?

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Underpinning everything I do, my evolve framework allows a structure to the next stage of your business experiment.

Explore. Craft. Implement.Evolve. Align.

How I can help you

What is it you're struggling with right now?

Know that you're meant for so much more and you're fed up to the back teeth of playing small?

Just stuck with procrastination and a mind fog around clarity?

I started working with Phil because I wanted to think about what was next in my business and I didn't know where to start. She has helped me to do that and so much more.

I have a sense of direction and feel excited. Working with Phil has been the best investment I could have made in myself.

- LW


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