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How to increase your visibility

July 10, 20232 min read

How to increase your visibility

You know that feeling when you’re sat in a meeting and your brain is quietly whispering ‘say something’, ‘get involved’, ‘do something rather than just sitting there’ and yet, you can’t. 

The fear of making a mistake or even worse, making a fool of yourself stops you in your takes. 

This is a problem because unless you start putting yourself out there, you won’t increase your visibility. 

This is really hard for many people to do and I know when I felt like this, it was because I didn’t think my opinion mattered but actually, it was more than that. I didn’t actually have an opinion on what was being discussed. 

Let’s look at some ways that you can improve your visibility. 

  1. Be someone else’s cheerleader

Supporting the other people that you work with and highlighting their achievements feels good. What can be even better is when you provide unsolicited feedback, you create a positive atmosphere. 

This in turn makes you feel better at work and you’ll get a reputation as someone who supports others. 

  1. Form an opinion about your work

If you know you’re going to a meeting or have to take part in something that’s on a particular topic, a little bit of prep work could go a long way. 

Do some research into it. Look up news articles on it and just sit with your thoughts for a bit. Ask yourself what’s important, what resonates with you about the topic, what do other people say about it? You can even revert back to that person's opinion in the meeting if you can’t form one of your own. 

The more prepared and knowledgeable you are about something, the more confident you will be around talking about it. 

  1. Go past the edge of your comfort zone. 

Don’t always take the easy option. If you’re given 2 choices, why not go for the more challenging choice. This will push you a little bit further. 

The comfort zone is also known as false wellness and it’s far too easy to get stuck here

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