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Your unique value proposition - how to craft this so it calls your ideal client sin

May 24, 20234 min read

The problems that you solve - part 1 in uncovering your unique value proposition

When you talk about the type of things that you do for your clients, are you looking at the situation the right way?

This is not about you, it’s about them.

Now, don’t take this personally but we’re fundamentally self involved individuals. We think about ourselves way more than we think about others.

If you can make it clear to me that you can solve my problems and your solution reflects that, I’m all in.


In order for your clients to know that they should pick you instead of another person, your value proposition has to speak to them and feel like you’re holding up a mirror to their problems.

This won’t happen if you just talk about your’s.

It has to:

  1. Be thought about from their point of view, so get into their minds and sell them what they need, not what you think they need.

  2. Be your buyer’s definition of value, not your definition.

  3. Demonstrate your knowledge about the buyers problem and your offer to address it.

The more tangible you can make this the better.

A lot of the work we do as business owners is conveying the value that we add to our clients, it can be so hard when you’ve lost sight of what this is.

Know this.

All your experience, your expertise, your qualifications and just generally you being you is exactly what your ideal clients need right now.

The value and transformation that you add to their lives is crucial and needs to be out there in the world.

So here’s what you do

Break it down into these three areas and this blog is covering the ‘why’ part of this.

  1. Why? The customer's problem - the why.

This is absolutely fundamental in making sure your client feels you can hear their needs.

  1. Why now?

    This is about your offer and you want to demonstrate your ability to meet their needs. You want your offer to feel like the perfect solution to what they're struggling with.

  2. Why us?

    How do you make yourself the standout choice for your clients? How are you differentiate yourself from all your competitors?

So let’s root into this.

You have to be able to answer the following questions where your clients are concerned

  • What do your customers say they need when they talk to you?

  • What do your customers say they don’t need?

  • What are the words and phrases they use to talk about their problems

  • How do they describe the outcomes and transformations they’re looking for?

  • What are the alternatives to your product?

  • What are the rational and emotional reasons of buying your service?

If you don't know what the answers to these questions are because you haven't asked them recently, I would highly recommend doing some research around this.

Go out there and ask them!

If not, you could try one of these instead

  • Use Amazon book reviews. Say you're a confidence coach - type in confidence in the book section and see what people are saying in the comments.

  • Look at how people are responding to your presence on line. What are they saying in the comments of your posts? You want to use these words. What’s resonating?

  • Look for common questions or concerns in facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out.

Once you know the words your ideal clients are using to describe their problems, it makes it so much easier to speak to them as if you really understand and you'll be the one that can help them.

Then take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle

Write out each individual problem they have or the things they say to themselves on the left hand side of the paper

Each problem has a new line.

These have to be in their words not your words. It has to sound true to them and make them feel like you're talking to them.

Once you’ve written out their problems, draft a 1-3 sentence statement that states your clients biggest challenges/problems using the words that they would use.

For example. Everyone else seems so on it and I 100% don’t have my stuff together. Sound familiar?

These sentences must be written in such a way that you can then apply your offer to it as the solution which we'll come onto now.

The next stage is to then think about your solution in more detail.

I'll talk about this next time or you can download my amazing free guide by clicking here that goes deep into this, your unique value and why you deserve to bring your magic to the world.

Interested to learn more? Why not check out the strategy of Lululemon here or follow me on Instagram at @thebusinessstrategistuk where I talk about strategic foundations and the power of the brain.

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